Sunday, October 12, 2008

GFR Circle of Ten Batch 3: Top 3 Question and Answer

After the sudden quit of Darrel Delos Santos, the forbidden hunk of Quezon City ... The contest becomes more exciting ... Who will be the 3rd GFR Circle of Ten Ultimate Winner? ... It can be Josef Karl ... Or it can be Kylvyn Caleb?
Btw, the results of fantastic five was so great as the candidates gave the eight judges a hard time for choosing the FAMOUS THREE ... The scores went so close ... The Hunk of South Kylvn Caleb of Zamboanga del Norte ranked number 1 as he swept the both categories (looks and intelligence) ... Founder's Choice Awardee and Mr. Photogenic Josef Karl of Pampanga and Moderator's Choice Awardee and Wildcard Hunk Darrel of QC went number two and three respectively and complete the cast of FAMOUS THREE with Kylvyn Caleb ... The Hunk of North Auztin (of Cavite) went to number four ... While the Hunk of NCR and the candidates who won most special awards such as the People's Choice, Roommate's Choice and Commentor's Choice Ser Avedes (of Manila) went to number 5.

If you are the answer, what is the question?
Who the hell is Josef Karl?

What would you tell a boy suffering from low self- esteem to feel good about himself?
Well life is not an easy as saying "PEANUTS" if you continue to put yourself in box you'll never grow... Everyone has uniqueness in us so better look for it and better spread it so that you'll have something in your life that is so fulfilling... Just have always faith in God coz after all we are living in this world thru his will.

How can you sell your used underwear?
I would sell it like it belongs to a superstar.


If you are the answer, what is the question?
SimPly,"WHO AM I?"

What would you tell a boy suffering from low self- esteem to feel good about himself?
I need to establish rapport first before giving an advise to a boy who is suffering from low self- esteem and maintain relationship with him , I need to achieve that the boy will have trust upon me and listen to him as he verbalize why he suffers from having a low self-esteem.... That's the time i will give an advise to him like: 1.) verbalize to him that each of us has its own individuality, skills and specialty that we should not compare ourselves to others for we have different talents and beauty inside us. 2.)encourage him that he is not alone ,we have our Heavenly Father that give blessings at the right time, with Him "JESUS Christ" we can overcome all the overwhelming odds.

How can you sell your used underwear?
This is a funny question, I'll use my intelligence to enable to sell my used underwear, I will going to have a garage sale or yard sale together with my used underwear to avoid humiliation from my friends, or significant others.
The announcement of winner will be on Oct 19, 2008. May the best hunk win!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

GFR Circle of Ten Batch 3: Top 5 Question and Answer

GFR Circle of Ten Batch 3
Fantastic Five
If you have only one hour to live, what would you do?
If I have only 1 hour to live, I will spend my last hour to my family, friends and love one. I would like to thank to those always there for me, in tyms of trouble, and trials that i've face before. And also I would Like to thank to God that He gave me this Life to experience happiness in entire life. I will give the best happy moments with my love oned.


If you could be invisible for one hour, what would you do?

I would rather choose not to grab that exciting opportunity eventhough if it only takes an hour because I'm a friendly type of person who cannot live alone and taken for granted even for a second. Being invisible would only make me feel useless and unfair in some ways.

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What if your mother asked you to sing a song, what song would it be and why?

Part of growing up is learning how to deal with difficult issues. The pressures of life can be overwhelming. You worry about schoolwork, competitive sports, family responsibility, dating, and even more serious problems, like school violence, drugs, eating disorders and suicide. We can not overcome all this overwhelming odds without our mom, so much with that..I would like to sing her a song entitled "SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW". Why? because it's a very nice song that has meaning on it, the song connotes several meaning that my mom can relate and then with it's last line "If happy little bluebirds fly, beyond the rainbow, why oh why can't I?" this is something significant that entails my love to my mom is everlasting, that i'm happy having her as my mom..

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If you could talk to your heart, what would you say to it?

If I could talk to my heart , this is what I am going to say, “Pls. tell me as soon as possible if I really love that girl or I’m really in love. Do not give me false palpability so that I will not get hurt and hurt someone. In addition, love yourself before you love someone. Try to leave even a little love for yourself.” Because base on my experience, I always lose the opportunity to tell my feelings to the girl I love because I’m too late. I just waste my time and effort for nothing. And hurt both our feelings. Therefore, I think this is what I say to my heart. So, that I could stop or prevent to hurt others and myself.

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How would you describe the color "red" to a blind person?

Uhmmm ... I will express that color to a human feeling like love or anger.

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